1)      Each student must carry his almanac and identity card to school every day.

2)      Each student should affix his/her photograph and write the required information, duly signed by the parent, in the space provided for in the almanac.

3)      In no case students will be allowed if they are late.

4)      Students are not allowed to bring mobile phone or wear gold ornaments in school. If they do so, they will be confiscated and such students will have to pay a fine of Rs. 500/- for the same.

5)      Changing classroom between periods should be done in an orderly manner and silently. Students should not unnecessary leave their class at the end of every period.

6)      Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and all the students who are slovenly dressed or not in uniform will be sent home. Wearing low waist trousers/skirts is forbidden.

7)      All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair with a black band in single.

8)      Students with improper hair style or hair cut will not be permitted in school premises. Use of hair gel is not allowed.

9)      No books, slam books (other than text books or library books), magazines should be brought to the school.

10)  Students who come to school escorted should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of delay, they should report to the school office.

11)  Students are expected to respect school property. No student should damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Any school property damaged even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the co-coordinator or the principal.

12)  Jai Hind CBSE school students should invariably be polite wherever they go. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them. Bullying and use of filthy language are punishable offences.

13)  Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments such as knives, blades etc. or any kind of object that can cause injury to others.

14)  Students are advised to keep their class room, school building and campus as clean as possible, and throw leftovers into the dustbins only.

15)  The school is not responsible for goods or money lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles (like expensive watches or Fountain pens) to school.

16)  Jai Hind CBSE school provides education from Nursery to XII. Therefore, it is expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection, while the juniors show all due respect to their senior.

17)  No student is allowed to visit any of the kiosks situated outside the school in school uniform and if found doing so, he will be subjected to punishment.

18)  Students including in aggressive or violent behavior, will not be allowed to travel by school bus.

19)   A permission card signed by the teacher (in charge of a period) must be carried by a child while going to the clinic for treatment.

20)   Canteen facility is available only in break time or after the school hours. If there is an emergency, children can avail of this facility with the concerned teacherís card(permission slip).

21)  Students should not indulge in violent or destructive activities or else they will be subjected to punishment.

22)   Students should not boycott the orders, directions and instructions given to them by the school authorities. Though they are allowed to discuss any issue openly in the open students-Principal meet.

23)   Students using unfair means during examination will have to face disciplinary action as decided by the school authorities.

24)  No attendance would be given to a student during period of suspension.

25)  Students are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives and other dangerous materials to school.

26)  A studentís name will be struck off the rolls if he/she remains absent from school for six continuous days without any information.

27)  Every student must have minimum 80% of attendance (unless medically advised rest) to appear in all examination and to be in the next class.

28)  Students suffering from any infectious/contagious disease will be allowed to attend the school only after producing the fitness certificate from proper medical authority.

29)  From class V onwards students are not allowed to carry birthday cakes to school. They should come in proper school uniform.

30)  Students are not allowed to wear or bring fancy and costly items to the school. Girl students shall not use nail polish, mehandi, etc.